In part one, we featured our article on technology and how we can utilize it to its greatest extent when filling vacancies. The next four tips are as follows:

Go Digital.

Have you ever looked into building a social resume? Companies have stepped up to the plate, providing tools and resources to help job seekers turn their online presence into a more polished resume. Resume Writers Ink offers social media services to help polish up a LinkedIn profile and social presence, while ResumeSocial allows job seekers a chance to share their resumes and get feedback from the community.


Use your email, preferred search engine, and even job boards like Glassdoor, to set up custom job search alerts sent to your email and/or phone. This allows you to stay informed of all open vacancies based on your interest or skill set. No more searching for relatable position openings like a scavenger hunt.


With today’s use of technology, you’re now allowed to continue your job search from the computer to your palm, literally. With your smartphone, you have access to the same search boards, email capability, resume/cover letter files, etc. as you would at your home desktop. There should essentially be no excuse when you can apply for jobs on the run!


Finding a job is a process and it takes time, effort, and a great amount of endurance. One social media expert said, “social media and technology are great tools you can use to give you access to a broader network and new opportunities, but only in conjunction with old-fashioned, in-person tactics.” Be aware of your limitations using digital/technology to find your next career move.

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