Many prospective employees ask recruiters of staffing firms about dress codes, body piercings/art, and other employee-related matters that will determine whether he or she is the perfect fit for the position. There was a time when business professional attire was called upon from Monday to Friday in the workforce. This is no longer the case in many settings though. Some companies even allow their employees to exercise comfort with “Casual Fridays.” For example, in many offices, every Friday, jeans are acceptable. This is not the case for every company, however, and you must make sure the lines aren’t being crossed. Your job could be in jeopardy because of it! So of course now you’re probably asking, how do I dress for casual Fridays at work?

So what are the DOs of “Casual Friday?”
Wear Jeans. But wear NICE jeans. Not the jeans you’d wear to a rock and roll concert. Please no holes or paint designs on the jeans. Jeans can be a nice alternative to slacks and dress pants if done correctly. A button-down shirt with a tie on top of jeans and appropriate shoes is my personal go-to outfit! And I haven’t received a complaint yet. Make sure your jeans fit as well. Not too loose, nor too tight. These jeans shouldn’t compliment your personality outside of work but instead, be suitable for the workforce. Try bootcut or straight-leg jeans.

Wear Appropriate Shoes. As mentioned earlier in regards to jeans, make sure your shoes are appropriate for the workplace. Don’t come to work wearing flip-flops, tennis shoes, or construction boots. This is the quickest way to get written up or asked to leave. Casual sneakers aren’t expensive nor do they bring forth too much attention. Solid colors are always the best option. Consider loafers, they fit in the “casual” spectrum and are still considerably comfortable to walk in.

So what are the DON’Ts of “Casual Friday?”
Wearing Sweats or Lounge Wear. At first glance, this might seem absurd but don’t be too surprised. Pajamas in the workplace have been seen before. Just because you see the word “casual”, don’t assume it’s used in the same sense that it is used at home. Workplace and home are two totally different environments that demand two totally different mindsets. A good rule of thumb is to never wear anything to work that you would wear in bed or lounging on the couch at home.
Follow these do’s and don’ts and you’ll have no problem. Of course, if you’re still not sure, just ask your supervisor what should and shouldn’t be worn. Again, each company has its own rules and expectations of its employees.
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