Seasonal Hires

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of the year again. The time of the year to pack eggnog in your lunch bag, plan your holiday work party and hire more employees! That’s right it’s December, the most wonderful time of the year. FA LA LA LA LA. With the holiday season upon us, you might have already begun to notice that you’re doing more hiring than normal around this time of year. Well, that’s because the end of the year is the time when you’ll be doing the majority of your employee hiring. And your business isn’t the only one experiencing this holiday employee crunch time, the job market is super tight right now for everyone.

So with the holiday season already upon us, you have a greater need for seasonal and temporary employees than ever before. You may need help when it comes to finding staff last minute during this time of year. Well, relax because this blog post will give you suggestions on how you can handle seasonal hiring at the very last minute.

Reach out for help with Seasonal Hires

We now live in a world where technology has become the new norm. Such a powerful resource, right? Let’s be honest, who’s really looking at the newspaper for job listings anymore? Not many. Realistically we have to keep our fingers crossed so that newspapers don’t go into extinction! The most common way job seekers look for jobs is through the internet. And we can now access the internet from pretty much any electronic device.

Now along with the internet, there are tons of vital resources that job seekers can use to gain access to your open job position(s). One of the biggest resources to date is LinkedIn. The world’s greatest professional networking database. LinkedIn is home to how many job seekers search for jobs. Be sure to make your vacancies accessible so that it lands in the hands of your next upcoming star employee. Another great way to reach out for help is to make people aware of your business’s social media sites. There is so much beauty behind that little retweet and share button. It lets your followers help you spread the word! You never know what can come your way until you try.

Pull out the networking card

Let’s not forget about the fact that your business is actually full of people. Your employees have family and friends. Your workplace can be the new home to many business connections. You can save your money from job listings by networking. Now, sure there are always risks that you can potentially run into. One of your employees can recommend someone who isn’t the best fit for the position. The moment your employee gets word that they have made a bad business connection they can begin to feel alienated just from that one referral. If you think about it that’s a lot of pressure on them. If that risk does actually present itself, don’t begin to go off into a funk. Instead thank your employee for trying to help out with the candidate search process and make them feel like their help was greatly appreciated.

Look for help from a staffing firm

Working with a staffing agency for season hires is one suggestion that’s highly recommended by many businesses. In a previous post, we spoke about how a staffing agency is an important partner for your business. Some people think that they can only work with staffing agencies once. But when you find a trusted agency that you like working with, they literally become an instant connection for bettering your business. The longer you keep them as a connection the more they learn about your business. At such a busy time of the year, working with a staffing agency is especially beneficial because they can take care of so much of the work for you.

Are you feeling the pressure when it comes to holiday hiring? Do you feel like you just need the right staff to come aboard into your workplace? Perhaps you need some assistance finding staff that best fits your business. Take the highly recommended selection from the ones above and work with a trusted staffing agency. Let them do all the work for you! The holidays don’t have to be so scary after all. Click below to get started.

Contact us today for help with holiday hiring. We have an amazing Job Search page that makes it easy to both share and find open positions. You can learn more about our staffing services here. We look forward to hearing from you soon!