Your employees are your greatest investment when it comes to your business and it’s important to treat them as such.  This means respecting them. After all, your employees are unique individuals whose complexities contribute to the fabric of your organization.  . Of course, respect must be demonstrated in order to obtain its fullest effect. Having respectfulness as a pillar of your business’ culture has a tremendous payoff. Respect inspires positivity, increases a person’s self-worth, and improves business relationships leading to better collaboration amongst your employees. So before we get in too deep, let’s go over a few things when it comes to respect. Respect is a two-way street. In order to get the respect you have to give it as well. When your employees notice that you respect them, they’ll respect you as well. After all, respect is rightfully earned

So how does respecting your employees affect your business recruitment efforts? The million-dollar question! Well, it was mentioned previously, your employees are your greatest investment. They are also the heart of your business. They interact with clients, they help drive business/sales and they speak highly of your company. They’re a pretty big deal don’t you think so? We’re going to share with you two ways respecting your employees can affect your business recruitment efforts.

Negative effect on your employee’s work ethic

When your employees don’t feel respected or appreciated at work, things will begin to fall below the surface. Meaning their work ethic will go from good to bad. An employee’s work ethic can truly impact the entire business because your employee’s ultimately work in a team setting. So in order for your business to truly be its best you want all of your staff to be on the same page. It’s a natural reaction for someone to back away the moment they feel an ounce of disrespect towards them. You might think that your other employees don’t see this behavior but they do and that could cause them to leave as well. You don’t want everyone to walk out the door at once do you? We didn’t think so. So just be professional and congenial at all times, it keeps you and your employees happy, and customers like happy businesses.

It gives your brand a bad name

We’ve spoken on this topic in a previous blog article on how much your business brand affects your business. If you haven’t read that blog article yet then please click here. There’s no doubt about it, being disrespectful towards your employees gives your brand a bad name. Your employees will talk about it and word will spread like wildfire. Having a bad brand name is something that you want to be fully aware of at all times.  As bad news spreads, it will be hard for you to find good talent and good customers. Have you ever heard of Career Bliss? In case you haven’t, it’s a site that allows previous employees and current employees to review your company based on personal experience. It’s something that you want to get familiar with especially if this is your business. Don’t put your business at risk because you’re disrespectful.

So, ladies and gentlemen, that wraps up today’s article on respect within your workplace. If this particular blog article has helped you in any way please feel free to share it with us. It’s always a pleasure to speak with our lovely readers in the comment section and don’t think that that’s the only place where you can talk to us, share your thoughts with us via social media!

Have you ever worked in a disrespectful work environment? Is your business currently known as a workplace with a poor work environment? This can truly affect your business recruitment efforts. If you have taken the steps to improve your business then we certainly commend you. Since your business has improved.   Are you interested in adding some additional staff to help with your improved business?

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