Employee benefits are perks offered by employers in addition to the salary or hourly rate.  Some employers aren’t able to offer benefits because of the costs associated with them. When an employer hires a staffing firm, the staffing firm has the option to offer the workers’ employee benefits. This is one advantage or reason to hire a staffing firm to fill positions for your company.

This article will focus on the most common benefits offered by employers all over the nation. Medical, disability, and life insurance, alongside retirement benefits, paid time off and fringe benefits are essential to any prospective employee. Employee benefits are essential to prospective employees, but extremely costly in the United States. Medical insurance alone can cost an employee up to several hundred dollars a month. The reason why employees seek their benefits as part of your total compensation package.

Medical Insurance. This type of insurance covers the cost of all hospital fees. Including, physician and surgeon fees, hospital rooms, and even prescription drugs. Dental and optical insurance can fall under the lines of medical insurance or be included in an overall benefits package, but not often in some cases. Coverage can sometimes include the employee’s family (dependents) as well.

Disability Insurance. This type of insurance is effective in the case of illness or injury. It covers part of the income that is lost when an employee is out of work. There are two types of disability insurance offered.

  • Short-term Disability. Short-term disability insurance clicks in either right away or within a few weeks of the incident the employer has experienced. Incidents include accidents, sicknesses, or other forms of disability.
  • Long-term Disability. Long-term disability insurance gives an employee long-term to permanent coverage for illnesses, injuries, and disabilities that are preventing the individual from performing his or her job.

Some employers may offer both, but some may only offer one or the other.

Life Insurance. This type of insurance protects you and your family in case you pass away during the tenure of your employment with the employer. Benefits are usually paid out to your beneficiary which is usually a spouse or children. You can get life insurance through an employer if they sponsor a group plan. Company-sponsored life insurance plans are standard for almost all full-time workers in medium and large firms across the country. You can also buy it privately, but this is usually more expensive and typically requires a health exam.

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