And so you’ve made it. If you’re reading this, you’re interested in finding out all that goes into finding a new space for your company. Right? Well, if you haven’t read part one and part two of this series, take this time to catch up and come back. In part three we will discuss a few other miscellaneous things to consider when finding a new home for your future fortune 500 company. Part three will also give ways on how temporary help may come into play when making this monumental transition.

Keep your clients in mind. Is there a space available in the new office space that will leave impressions on current and/or prospective clients? This area doesn’t have to be large, but it must leave an imprint on your guest. Also, is there a reception area? Is someone at the front serving as a greeter for your office? Maybe an administrative assistant, perhaps? Make sure if you don’t have a reception area, that there are clear-cut directions for guests of your office to be directed to the right place. Lastly, phone and internet systems for your office must be installed early on in the moving process. Work heavily relies on your employees being able to communicate and access their every need.

These tips are equally important as the first two parts of this series. If it seems overwhelming, consider temporary help to get the job done. It takes a lot to get the moving process in motion. Temporary staff hired in the capacity of IT solutions can assist with the installation of phones and computer servers. Other tasks such as record keeping, filing, etc. can be left to temporary clerks. The help of these temporary workers will assist in maintaining a stress-free environment for your employees!

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