With the new year approaching, the end of the year is the perfect time to create new business goals and strategies. Many businesses are considering outsourcing staffing as a new year goal. It can be a strategic move to optimize operations, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency. Outsourcing allows companies to partner with firms who can meet evolving workforce demands and provide an accessible approach to talent acquisition. Keep reading to learn more about how embracing outsourcing staffing can be vital for organizations looking to stay competitive heading into the new year.

Outsourcing Staffing: Alleviating Turnover

Companies have seen chronic employee turnover in recent years as the Bridge Group reports that average tenure for employees has dropped from around 5 years, to around 1.8 years in 2021. This constant turnover can place financial strain on any organization. All of the steps for the rehiring process can add up quickly. Hiring a company that specializes in outsourcing staffing can be critical to locate, interview, hire and deal with paperwork surrounding the hiring process. If your company is struggling with the number of staff, either not having enough employees during busy months or too many hands, outsourcing staffing can be the perfect solution.

Company Core

Businesses may focus on their core capabilities through outsourcing staffing. With the services that outsourcing staffing provides, companies can reclaim time and resources by focusing on the most important initiatives that have direct impact. This allows other more perimeter tasks to be delegated to specialized service providers. Entrusting non-core tasks to outsourced staff can also allow your staff to home in on their area of expertise.

Outsourcing Staffing: Productivity

Additionally, a side effect of constant employee turnover is a decrease of employee morale and productivity. Employees who must take on more work than they can manage struggle to produce high-caliber work. They can feel under-appreciated and unmotivated. By outsourcing staffing, you can decrease the pressure your team is under and bring in much needed help. Furthermore, companies who outsource staffing will search for the most qualified candidates for the certain role. This can increase productivity and can curb the amount of new additional staff needed.


In choosing ATHENA, you’re doing more than just outsourcing staffing. You’re forging a partnership dedicated to the growth of your business. Letting us handle operational details can allow you to focus on what really matters: the success of your company.

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