Some time ago we addressed employee burnout among health and human services (HHS) professionals, we’ll now note ways employers can fight burnout among their employees in the HHS industry.

Talk it Out!

Offer sessions where the employers and employees or just employees can sit down and discuss issues in a preventative manner. Putting it all out there really beats bottling in emotions and moving forward as if nothing is bothering you. Eventually, those pinned-up emotions will spill over into your work performance, which can create a hole even deeper for one to dig themselves out from.

Offer a Stress-Free Zone…

Does your office have an area where employees can go for a few minutes to wind down? If not, think about implementing an area, a chair, or even a small corner in the cafeteria where your workers can go and get adjusted. It should be an area nice and quiet, with warm colors and/or soft music. An area where no work-related talk is allowed, and only peaceful and quiet, self-reflection is! Your workers will be grateful for this area or “zone,” as it should encourage them to continue giving it their all in your work setting.

Retreat and Recharge.

Ever tried a weekend getaway with your employers? A beautiful location in a rural setting? Somewhere quiet and away from the busy, fast-paced settings that your office is accustomed to Monday through Friday? If not, you should. Opportunities for your employees to get away with each other can provide bonding among employees and relationship building. These opportunities can turn out to be extremely beneficial to your office and your overall success as an employer. See if there is anywhere locally where you can take your team and get away collectively from the stressors of the health and human services industry. If there isn’t anything local, have your own. All it takes is planning.

The stresses and strains of working in the health and human services industry can take a toll on even your strongest personality. From persistent patients to strict regulations, healthcare workers are constantly facing challenges big and small, physical and emotional. At some point, it is more than likely that the pressures of your job will get to you and you will wonder “Is it worth it?” Burnout can get the best of your employees, only if you allow it. Read over these tips again and implement a couple in your daily routine in the office. We’re sure these preventative measures can alleviate even the slightest burnout among the individuals in your office.

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