For most people, springtime means it’s the time to get your house in order. Time to “switch closets,” give old things away or have the carpet cleaned. This is all true. However, what if you added your career to the list of items that need some “attention” around the house? Yes, I challenge you to give your job search or career a good scrub this spring. This means, trying a different approach for all you job-seekers out there.

Step One. Let’s give your resume a good shine. You probably haven’t even reviewed your resume in quite some time. This means there are skills, job duties, and maybe even a phone number that isn’t updated. Get it together guys! Also, let’s trim down that resume if it’s more than two pages. Why? Some of your past work or career experience listed doesn’t even relate to the position you are applying for.  If you are applying for an Accountant position and you have your first fast food job, take that out right away!

Step Two. Let’s replenish your network, shall we? Take this time to dust off the good old address book. Reach out to some from earlier in your career professionals you haven’t connected with in quite some time and say “hi.” You never know what opportunity can be at the end of a harmless check-up. You should also re-evaluate the connections you have been in recent contact with. It’s quite possible some of these people are no longer seeing eye to eye with you. With that said, let’s go into a new season without them. Instead, plant seeds for new relationships moving forward. One can never have “enough” connections. Busy nowadays? Try online networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. It’s the twenty-first century, networking isn’t limited to solely face-to-face contact anymore. Get on board with the times…

Step Three. Can we clean up or establish your online identity, please? Due to the times, the digital age is here, alive, and well. Don’t look for it to fade away anytime soon, as it is the new wave.  Some professionals suggest, setting up Google Alerts for your name to actively monitor your brand, and clean out or update any outdated profiles. Increase the security settings on any personal accounts you don’t want to associate with your professional brand. This will ensure that employers find the same professional online that they met face-to-face or read in your application. Yes, you and your career are a brand now!

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