With ATHENA taking a bit of unexpected snow, we thought it would be a great idea to offer our job-seekers with tips that can be used on days like this. As a staffing firm, we are constantly scheduling interviews with prospective employees and candidates and are often times in and out of our office. Today, however, we experienced nearly three inches of snow and that can obviously be a disadvantage for anyone interested in filling vacancies or starting their career. Below we’ve found some job-seeker tips exclusively designed to tackle the chances of unpredictable weather.

Be Prepared. Never assume that the interview has been cancelled. If the weather is particularly bad (snowfall or flooding) or if you are in any way uncertain then try to get confirmation. Most employers won’t mind a quick phone call to confirm your attendance under such circumstances.
Take Caution. If you are going to the interview make sure to bring an umbrella so that you are not walking in the rain or snow and getting soaked through. This will be very distracting for both you and the interviewer, which will prevent you from putting your best foot forward on your big day.
Prepare to Change. If you are wearing rain boots to the interview to keep your feet dry, make sure to bring an extra pair of shoes with you to change in to.
Leave Earlier. In bad weather it is also very important to allow extra travel time to allow for slower progress in the elements and also for the unexpected.
Stay Well Kept. Try to keep your hair dry but if the rain is torrential and you have long hair, put your hair up in a sleek ponytail. This way you still look groomed and avoid that undesirable drowned rat look.
Think Waterproof. If the wind is quite strong an Umbrella may not be an option so consider a suitable rain jacket but make sure it is not one where the water will run off onto your business trousers or skirt.
Be Careful. While walking, pay particular attention and watch for puddles on the road next to the path that cars might drive through – a large puddle can leave you soaked from head to foot.
Stay Dry. If you are carrying documentation or a copy of your resume take heed to put it in a water-proof document folder – nothing looks worse than a candidate thumbing through a bunch of soggy papers.
Learn an Alternative Route. We would also strongly recommend plotting a secondary route to your destination in case your planned route becomes blocked by flooding or snow.
Be Mindful. If the interviewer is running late, make allowances for the fact that bad weather disrupts everyone and employers are no exception – they may be preparing for even worse weather, dealing with inconvenienced customers or protecting the business from weather damage in general. Be prepared to wait it out.

Out of all of these tips, what we believe the most important tip has to be, is be safe. Like most of America, we’re sure you have your career and your job amongst the top priorities in your life. But if you’re wise, you’ll also take into account your life. These conditions that we face from time to time can be very detrimental to our safety. With that said, if you’ve read our tips, yet still feel uncomfortable about it all, contact your prospective hire or prospective employer and explain your reasons for concerns. If he or she is a caring employer, they’ll understand entirely and have no problem rescheduling the interview for a different day. For more tips and advice from ATHENA, check out our blog.

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(tips courtesy of lifescience.ie)