Previously, we shared a few trends with you that will give your HR department some challenges this year. We covered those related to the Affordable Care Act, flextime, and telecommuting. If you missed part one, click here. In today’s post, we’ll discuss a few more trends. Don’t forget to leave a comment below with your predictions for additional upcoming HR challenges. You might have an idea that can actually be your HR department’s greatest challenge and may help others out.

Generation Changes Trend

As the years go on more younger people will come into your workplace and some of your older employees will begin to leave. That’s right, generation changes will happen this year. The next generation of millennials is fresh out of college and eager to begin putting their knowledge to work. Baby boomers, if it hasn’t happened already, are passing the infamous workforce torch to the younger hands. You’ll begin to notice that baby boomers are starting to retire and move on. So that means it’s time to create some space for them to work. This change is certainly not a bad thing.  It can help keep things fresh and new. You wouldn’t want business practices to stay the same, would you?

Think of it as new ideas coming into your office. New ideas that can expand your business daily. Take a second to just look around you. Look at the world we live in right now. Technology is developing each and every day. Changing the way we do everyday things. What we have now compared to what we once had before is jaw-dropping. There was no such thing as a smartphone or even a cell phone at that! Businesses were run totally different than they are now.  In order to stay in the loop your business will soon need some younger minds. Bringing in the tech-savvy millennials will allow things to run smoothly.

Wellness Programs Trend

Ever since the Affordable Care Act has been presented, many employers are creating changes to their employee’s benefits. Changes to help improve the better wellness of your business’s employees. After all, most employers want their workplace to be known as a healthy and more productive work environment and of course, employees like it too. Who wouldn’t like that? Overall a productive workplace and healthy environment mean more happy and engaged workers. Since President Barack Obama has been in office he has brought great attention to keeping Americans more in tune with their health. With all the technology that has developed, it makes it easier for employees to keep up with their health and new products like the Fitbit as well as many apps on the smartphone. All keep Americans healthier and most importantly your employees healthy!

High Deductible Health Plans Trend

This one isn’t as big as the other ones however, keep a close eye on it. It can become bigger than ever as the days go on in the New Year. Many people now have high-deductible health plans. High-deductible health plans make health insurance more affordable by lowering the monthly rate. More and more carriers are adding high deductibles into their plans to help cut costs. HR will have to explain this trend to employees as most of them will not be happy.

There you have it, these two blog posts have provided you with more predicted challenges that HR departments will face in the year 2015.

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