Oh, those great hires. How many of us have them? Do they all live in the same neighborhood? Do they all drive the same car? Quite honestly, there’s no such thing as a cookie-cutter great hire which is a good thing because prospective hires come from all different work industries. This can vary from skill sets and previous work experience. So as we all know every hire that you make isn’t going to be the best hire. However, it’s a given that when you’re in the hiring stage for your business and you’re striving to find a great hire. Possibly even a few of them. But what actually makes a great hire? What are the traits of a good hire? Keep on reading to find out.


When you’re in the hiring process it’s something that’s at the top of your candidate trait wish list. While on the search for this awesome potential new hire, be sure to check their background history when it comes to working. You’ll be surprised by all the discoveries that can come about when you call previous supervisors. Be sure to ask questions such as how dedicated would you say that _____ was to ____? Preferably on a scale of 1-10? Ask them about the candidate’s daily attendance performance. Ask if this candidate was reliable. Did they adhere to their schedule?

Excellent work ethic

A prospective hire has an excellent work ethic period. Let’s say you have this amazing new employee thanks to an award-winning staffing firm. You’re starting to notice that this employee is becoming the star of his/her department. Meeting deadlines, bringing in new business, and tackling additional tasks in order to keep productivity levels at an all-time high. Honestly, this new hire has it going on. So this new hire’s name is Krystle. Krystle began her placement as a writing intern at your business. Krystle developed her work to excel your expectations when it comes to her daily tasks and assignments. She also takes a lot of initiative when it comes to assisting with other tasks and projects within the business. Due to the fact that Krystle is dedicated to your business as well as your business’s outcomes. You notice that she’s the first person in the office and the last person to leave. If you have anyone in your office that sounds like Krystle, then you have a great hire on your hands. A work ethic such as Krystle’s is what your business needs.

There you have it! Two simple traits that will make the biggest difference in your business. Great hires go a long way ladies and gentlemen. So with that being said, is your business having a hard time finding these great hires? Does your business currently struggle to find these great employees?

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