Recruiters are a vital resource in the hiring process. We know good Recruiters are needed in order to have good results when it comes to hiring the right people. As we continue to witness a changing job market, Recruiter’s expertise and services continue to grow more and more important each year, making hiring managers’ lives easier. However, there are a few things that Recruiters should stop doing in order to have better recruitment results.

Hiring only skill

Please do not take this the wrong way. Skillset is still important- it’s a given that certain jobs require certain skills. We know! However, it’s the recruiter’s job to discover the connection between a candidate’s skillset and traits in order to make a successful candidate match. For example, let’s say you have a candidate who’s experienced in using Adobe Creative Suites. However, they aren’t as experienced when it comes to using PowerPoint. Your business wants to start utilizing PowerPoint more in business development this year, but since you see that this particular candidate isn’t experienced in PowerPoint you quickly change your mind. Not highlighting any other skills that the candidate has. This is a poor recruiting habit that needs to stop. You never know what could happen or what doors that candidate can open for your business.  Other skills that the candidate has could be just what your business needs. We know a candidate that has everything that you’re looking for on his/her resume is extremely hard to find. We get it! But in the meantime, look for candidates who can learn based on their skills and grow your business to new heights.

Stop Ignoring Phone Calls

Sure we all get busy every now and then. Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean that you should ignore incoming phone calls. That’s just plain wrong, especially for Recruiters. It’s not expected that a Recruiter wouldn’t call someone back let alone answer the phone. All you have to do is place yourself in someone else’s shoes. Think about the applicant for a change. Imagine if you were applying for a job that you really wanted and you knew without a doubt that you were qualified for this job. You begin to make your first round of calls hoping you can speak to the right person. It’s an antsy feeling hearing the dial tone, isn’t it? We all know that feeling. Who’s going to pick up the phone? You’re hoping that your resume and application have been seen and the employer is ready to schedule an interview. The excitement goes away a little bit when you get the recruiter’s voicemail. The excitement decreases even more when you don’t hear back from them within a few days. Now, you as the Recruiter check your voicemail, but you still don’t call the applicant back. By not calling back you’re hurting your reputation as a Recruiter and you’re also making your business look bad. If you know that particular candidate is not the best fit there’s a better solution than just ignoring them. All you have to do is politely pick up the phone and make a phone call and explain why you think they won’t be a good fit for the job. Trust us, the candidate will understand.

So are you a recruiter? Are any of these practices something that you currently do? Well, it’s time for you to stop, regroup and rethink. Your job is vital to any business out there. You help the business grow, you help to bring the right people forward. Recruiters, we need you and we also need you to consider these practices and drop them. It’s never too late. Right now is the perfect time to start.

If you’re not a Recruiter and don’t have Recruiters for your business, do you have the right staffing agency in place? If not, we can help. Staffing agencies have just the right Recruiters to get the people you need. We also have an amazing Job Search page that lists all available positions. Reach out here if you are ready to start!