So many times, we see consistent job seekers dismiss the idea of working together with a staffing firm or recruitment agency. It’s quite unfortunate because oftentimes staffing firms are looking for the best talent to place in some of the best organizations or companies. Many times the idea of a staffing agency is taken into consideration but never followed through by the job seekers. We found out that this may be due to a lack of knowledge about staffing firms. It is true that the steps taken when applying to a company direct, differ from the steps taken when finding a suitable recruitment firm. However, I’ve composed four steps to get you started:

Find the Right People. Applying to any or every staffing firm serves you no purpose and can often lead to wasting your energy. Do your due diligence first. Is this staffing firm the right fit? Do they offer positions of your interest, that require your current skill set? Are you looking for a full-time position, part-time position, or temporary opportunity? Some staffing firms have expertise in one or the other. Do you want a position that is long-term or a few weeks? Are you looking to start your career or gain experience and learn with little risk? These are all questions that play a huge role in selecting what agency you want to reach out to. Don’t do yourself any “favors” by wasting your efforts, looking to get into the accounting industry, by applying to a staffing firm whose clients the majority are in the health and human resources industry.  An agency that lacks an industry focus may not have the expertise or network of contacts to identify the right job for you.

Be Prepared. Staffing agencies love to see a prospective employee or candidate who is READY! Many positions demand immediate attention, and it’s a recruiter’s job to fill that position will urgency and care. Do your recruiter a favor by updating your resume, and providing a cover letter designed to fit that available position. Are your references in order? Prepare your references to hear from your recruiter, so they aren’t caught off guard and they are available to speak great things on your behalf. Try reviewing common interview questions and practicing your answers. At the same time, familiarize yourself with salary and performance expectations for the positions that interest you so you can evaluate opportunities that are offered to you. Your representative at the employment agency you work through can provide insight into these areas.

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