While we’re still so fresh into the New Year, there are numerous resolutions to make. It’s clear that you have resolutions for your business and so do your employees! One of your goals could be that you want tremendous growth. Or perhaps maybe you want to hire more productive staff. But have you considered what you can do to make this year more productive for your staff?

As the boss, you can help to make the biggest difference in your workplace and your employee’s workday – every day! Differences like offering flexible work schedules, leading by example, and being mindful of currently assigned tasks. Just by following these four simple steps, you can increase productivity and your employers will be more likely to stick around. Let’s go into more detail for each simple solution to achieving a healthy work balance.

Offering flexible work schedules

Now the traditional hours for a full-time job are 9-5 Monday through Friday. It’s pretty cookie-cutter when you offer the same hours to your employees as everyone else. If you allow yourself a second to consider how many employees work the standard workday/workweek it’s a pretty big amount. Now granted some people prefer the traditional work schedule but please note that everyone works differently.

Some people might not be as productive early in the morning. They might be more productive towards the end of the day. One suggestion you could do is to start offering a more flexible schedule for your employees. Allow your employees to structure their own work schedule as long as they work the required number of overall hours. Another great suggestion for work flexibility is allowing your employees to work from home. Telecommuting is a fabulous way to support a better work balance. Employees who telecommute could have less stress when it comes to work and higher morale.

Start leading by example

Many times we look for solutions when sometimes the solution itself is frankly quite simple. More simple than we even think. Start leading by example by simply practicing what you preach at work! Yup, that simple practice will make your employees have that much more respect for you. Don’t think for a second that your employees don’t take notice of the things you do and don’t do. Most employees do their work based on how they see it done in their supervisor’s eyes. You can’t expect your employees to have a work level of 100% when you have a work level of 10%. Honestly, that’s just not fair!

It’s important to make sure those work levels equally match. Here’s another infamous cliché term – actions speak louder than words! We know you’ve heard that one! Just because you’re the “boss” doesn’t mean that you can just prop your feet up every day at work. In translation, that means that you simply just don’t care. You have to work just as hard as your employees. It’s guaranteed that this simple change will make a significant difference.

Be mindful of the tasks your employees have

Quick question! Are you aware of everything that your employees have going on? If you are, go ahead and give yourself a pat on the pack. No really, go ahead! If you answered that question with a no then this section is specifically for you! Now we’re not saying that you should only give your employees one task at a time. If things need to get done they need to get done. However, it’s your job to be mindful of what’s currently on your employees’ plates. By not being mindful of your employee’s workload you’re asking for added stress for them. The last thing you need is employee stress. Oh, and you’ll also be giving a warm welcome to most employers’ worst nightmare! Turnover, is something that no one really wants to deal with.

Work overload is one of the biggest reasons turnover happens in the first place. Now a good boss understands limits. As you manage these workloads you might have to do some rearranging when it comes to the assigned tasks. Perhaps you should assist your employees by helping him/her arrange tasks by recommending that employees work on the more important work first. Or in some other cases, you should look into hiring some temporary staff. Temporary staff is great because they act as extra hands when you’re in serious need of them. Upon your satisfied hire, you can give them the tasks that your permanent employees weren’t able to complete. Temporary staff can be extremely beneficial and helpful!

Perhaps one of your New Year’s resolutions is to hire some more staff for your business. After all, your business deserves to grow. As mentioned before, your business’s success begins with your employees. When you have the right people on your team nothing can go wrong. Their dedication and commitment will have a major effect in the long run.

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