Have you ever applied for a job and sat around waiting on a response for what seemed like forever? Yea, me too!  It seems like days are months as you patiently wait for that dream job to give you a call.  Every unknown phone number that calls sends butterflies as you hope it’s that call you’ve been waiting for.  In this blog, I will share with you how mobile apps can help you get hired faster and relieve some of that anxiety.  Keep reading to learn more.

Take Advantage of Technology

Today’s technology allows us to do pretty much anything we want on a portable device whether it be a cell phone, tablet, or laptop.  You should take advantage of this as much as possible, especially when you are applying for jobs.  You literally have everything at your fingertips.  Take the time to use these devices to your advantage.  For example, take time to research job boards and download all of the apps for jobs possible.

Apps for Hunting for Jobs

There are numerous advantages to registering with several job boards and utilizing their apps on a regular basis.  For example, most job boards will require you to create a profile and then perform a search.  They will continually email you jobs that match your search criteria which cut down immensely on the time it may take you to find a position of interest.  Another advantage is you can apply on the go.

Using Your Phone to Find Jobs

Since most phones are smartphones these days, you can save your resume to your phone and upload it on the go.  Whether you’re waiting on a friend for lunch, waiting on the train, or just sitting and watching T.V., you can apply in seconds.  Most apps also have quick apply options so you can shoot off your resume to multiple companies in minutes.  As with many other things, the more you do, the higher your chances are.  So use your downtime wisely and get applying!  The convenience of these apps is unbeatable and you really should be pursuing them as much as possible if you want to get in the door fast.  If you’re taking forever to apply, it’ll take forever to get hired.

After Applying

So we have briefly discussed how mobile apps can help you apply faster but what happens after you apply?  You have to wait, and wait, and wait.  One great thing about many mobile apps is that you get alerts about the progress of your application.  For instance, you may be alerted that the job opening has closed, that you need to provide additional information to move on to the next phase, or that your resume is in review.  No matter what the case is, you won’t be wondering what is happening with your resume.

Stay Updated

Think of your app as a shipment-tracking device. You can see where your resume is while it is heading to its final destination.  This eases your anxiety greatly.  I know we have all applied for that job through Craigslist or someplace similar and we are wondering if the company received our resume and if it has been reviewed.  There is no way of telling.  The great thing with job board apps is most of the time you can view your account and see what is happening with all of your applications and you can check to see how long it has been since you applied so you know if it is the right time to follow up or not.

Regardless of what jobs you’re applying for, make sure to make the best out of your application process. You can visit our Job Search page for more openings and learn about our benefits on our Why Join ATHENA page.