In the process of filling positions, employers come across dozens of qualified candidates to fill their vacant positions. The most common question an interviewer can ask is, as prospective hires, what makes you guys stand out amongst¬†the others? Here is a little advice, think of yourself as an entity¬†product, or better yet a BRAND! If you do so, any employer can decipher the difference between another candidate coming in for an interview, versus a “brand” coming in for an interview.

What you need to establish is a personal marketing campaign. Three elements that when shopped correctly, will help make you stand out are your: skill set, personality, and experience. The three combined are essential to anything a company is looking for in its employees. So how can you make these components seem a bit more special than the guy or girl who is coming in for an interview after you? The answer is branding.

If asked to describe your professional persona in 140 characters or less could you? As we all know, 140 characters are the length of a tweet. Not only has 140 characters or less become a social media standard, but also says a lot about our society’s attention span and how much information we can retrieve amongst all the noise. Now, if you are able to wow your audience in 140 characters, displaying your professional criteria (skill set, personality, and experience), you’ve grabbed their attention by telling your brand story.

Are your 140 characters ready? If so, now you’re ready to bring your unique persona and incorporate it into your job search. If you’re a “techie,” looking for a position in the technology industry, how can you relay this aspiration in your resume and cover letter? The same goes for persons seeking work in the creative field. Should you apply for a position at an ad agency with an unappealing resume or cover letter? If you’re simply following the “tradition” of a resume and cover letter, would you expect an ad agency to think you’re the perfect person for the job? Probably not. Make sure your brand is full-circle.

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