Last week, we provided our readers with some job-seeker tips for mens interview dress attire. Ladies, please don’t have a fit because we’ve got you covered as well. This entry will inform you of some major do’s and don’ts when laying out your clothes for a job interview. As mentioned in the article for men, for many job-seekers, especially the younger crop of candidates interested in filling vacancies, a huge mistake is made before ever arriving to your prospective employer. Shockingly enough, many women are unaware of the appropriate attire recommended for an interview. Remember, you’re judged on appearance alone first. In most scenarios this is almost always the case! So play it safe and follow these tips:

Be Professional

The old saying “dress for success” still holds true in today’s job force. Like men, women must also practice professional in their attire decisions. Conservative and tradition attire, such as dark or colored suits or a tailored blouse are suggested. Leave the flats behind as well as your favorite pair of heels. Mid-level heel pumps should do just fine! If you decide on a dress, make sure it’s tailored to fit and you wear a sports jacket over top. My favorite suggestion would have to be a classy pantsuit, which is considered standard attire by women in the business world.

Know the Difference

Understanding the difference between a night out of the town and a job interview may be difficult for some. An easy way to play it safe, is leaving your “favorite dress and heels” behind for this occasion. Usually ones “favorite dress and heels” are appropriate for outings and a bit too edgy for the working world. Show your prospective hire that you’re a professional candidate amongst the pack. Professional attire implies that you’re serious about your career itself and you’re not just interested in possibly filling vacancies. 

Industry Standard

This tip is simple and easy to follow. Follow the standards set by the industry developed before you. Whatever you see from someone successful in your industry of interest, you should mock. What’s being worn around the office, is the trend you should most times follow.

Check Your Accessories

Remember “less is more.” You never want to “overdo it”. Let people see who YOU ARE. An expert at said, “an unfussy, controlled hairstyle, one or two simple jewelry pieces, such as a watch and wedding ring, and understated makeup are the best ways to accessorize your interview outfit. Your accessories should complement your clothing, not overwhelm it. This applies to fragrance as well — fragrance should be subtle, if worn at all, to avoid offending anyone or causing distress to those with chemical sensitivities.” We agree!

Avoid Certain Things

We already discussed leaving certain things at home, but also remember to cover up certain parts of your body and always hide tattoos or body piercings. Tattoos and body piercings alone can keep an employer from making the biggest decision of your career. 

These small nicks say a lot about your character, so give yourself a chance and follow these tips when looking for the next career move. For prospective hires who want to find more tips from a staffing firm catered to job-seekers, click here and then visit our Jobs page for current open positions. For advice on men’s work attire, check out this blog post.