Have you ever worked with or in a business where you have no idea what was going on?  Everything seems to be a secret and things often come as a surprise.  If so, I’m sure it made you feel very uncomfortable!  Imagine being a client of a company like this.  It would probably make you think twice about who you are giving your money to, right?  Of course, it would.  We all know that transparency is key and businesses that aren’t transparent probably won’t last long unless they change their ways fast.  Before we go into depth about why let’s take a quick look at what exactly transparency is.

Transparency is often associated with how visible the finances of a company are.  This is especially true with businesses that are publicly traded.  Basically, the more financial information that is available, the safer investors feel.  Less information means less certainty.

Transparency doesn’t always have to be affiliated with financials though.  It could be associated with policies, procedures, and even things such as vision and values.  Let’s look at vision and values for a second.  If a company doesn’t want to be held accountable for its vision and values, it will do one of two things; either not publish them at all, if they even have them, or they will make them so general that there will never be a true measurement as to whether or not they have achieved them.  If this is the case for any company that you partner with, run in the other direction!  They most likely have no idea where they are headed and no plan to get there.  Plus, they probably won’t have any value with whatever they’re doing.

Now, as far as business processes, let’s say you are partnering with a staffing agency because you just won a large contract and need a ton of staff.  So you meet with them for a consultation and you discuss your needs and your struggles and then ask how these matters will be addressed.  At this point, you’re looking for the representative of this staffing agency to tell you the processes that will be used to attract the best candidates for you.  Now there’s a huge problem.  This person can’t tell you how they will get you staff.  Again, run in the other direction! They can’t tell you how because they have no business strategy. Therefore, they have no idea how they are going to you the right staff.  They do know that they will put the job advertisement out in so many places and they think that there’s no way that a few qualified candidates won’t come in.  At the point of recruitment, they are throwing things and hoping they stick.  Let’s face it.  This is not a good way to do business.

No matter if you are working with a staffing agency, a home improvement company, or a car repair business, you want someone who can tell you what they are doing to get to the desired outcome.  This is all part of being transparent.  So If you are working with a company that hides everything, start searching for a replacement quickly. And if you’re looking for a business partner who understands the importance of transparency and can help you get the best staff around, that’s us!

Learn more about our staffing services here. We also have a Job Search page with all available listings. Contact us to get started today!

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