What do you as a client want from your partnership with a staffing firm? Good question right? A great question. One you must certainly ask before fully committing to the idea of recruitment solutions. And with all that said, a good staffing agency has the answers! Here are some tidbits you should expect from your relationship with a staffing company.

Staffing companies show great depth. When finding prospective candidates for a position offered by their client, a staffing company must exceed expectations. Anyone can read a resume, but it’s the time spent and relationships cultivated that will bring the “perfect” employee to the front door of their client. Whether it’s for a temporary position, a direct-hire, or anywhere in between, staffing firms are used to going deeper than the competition and even their client.

Staffing companies are meticulous. You need your staffing firm to look into every single detail of your company. The staffing agency must know your entire company, in and out. Everywhere from your office culture to the best way to get to your office in traffic. What are the physical and climate requirements of your work? Will you need your computer or will one be accessible for you? Is your company expecting growth anytime soon, if so what career paths exist? Knowing their client is what separates a “staffing firm” from a resume finder.

Staffing companies provide work-ready candidates. You need your staffing agency to bring you prepared candidates for employment. By partnering with a staffing firm you are able to dismiss an employee with little notice because staffing companies have a pipeline of employees who fit the skills required for that vacant position. When selected or placed, you need that employee to hit the ground running so it’s important for the staffing firm to prepare the employee for day one.

Staffing companies understand the industry that you work in. A staffing firm must have a complete understanding of not only your company, but your competition and the entire industry in which you are aiming to be successful. This is almost always true in the case of the best staffing agencies because it’s foolish to send in an employee who doesn’t meet the requirements and doesn’t have experience in your industry. Even bidding on a contract to staff, and not knowing the industry is detrimental.

Staffing firms are here to serve YOU. Contact us to work with an experienced staffing agency today. We have an amazing Job Search page that makes it easy to both share and find open positions. Learn more about what to expect in Part Two. We look forward to hearing from you soon!