Let’s continue the discussion on staffing firm expectations. Since reading part one, you’re now more than ever interested in the possibilities of partnering with a staffing firm. Yet, you still haven’t reached a decision right? If so, let’s examine a few more expectancies from a staffing agency.

Staffing companies have your long-term interest at heart. A staffing firm generates income from its ability to find and maintain clients. Making every relationship just as essential to their success as the next relationship and the one before it. Even supplying short-term employment options to their clients like temporaries is taken very seriously. A staffing firm’s first impression matters, as well as its second, third, and fourth! Staffing agencies who are efficient and consistent are appreciated by their clients. Who wouldn’t want the temp-to-perm option and permanently hire qualified people who have already demonstrated that they can navigate the client’s workplace?

Staffing companies are durable. This simply means that a staffing firm’s internal staff should set the tone of the type of candidates they submit to their clients. Nobody wants to be in business with a staffing agency, whose corporate staff seems like a temp-to-perm employee. Hiring recent grads with little experience and offering low wages won’t win over a client in the long run. How long someone has been an employee of the staffing agency will speak volumes regarding the commitment of not only the prospective employee but the staffing firm as well.

Staffing companies make a difference when finding prospective employees. Staffing agencies treat their employees well. Gaining the trust of a staffing firm’s brand is everything. Without a staffing firm’s trust, the quality of work is sure to suffer. Relationships with its employees are everything! A candidate’s engagement with the opportunity is sure to be a difference-maker every time.

Staffing companies share with you their success rate. Since a staffing agency has reached some sort of success with previous clients, they are able to share with you their benefits and from there you’re able to make your own measurements and define your standard. Otherwise, you’re probably thinking that the good ole’ “post and pray” methodology is what you’re paying for, and that’s not what we want. I mean, who can’t  “post and pray” and charge one great large number without being held accountable for the turnover? Right?

Make how you earn every penny of your fee transparent. Talk to prospective clients about how you’ll surface candidates that the client could not have reached on their own. Tell a story about how you’ve done this for other customers.

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